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 nabasa ko lng po to sa comelec....

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nabasa ko lng po to sa comelec.... Empty
PostSubject: nabasa ko lng po to sa comelec....   nabasa ko lng po to sa comelec.... Icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2007 11:59 pm

[b] Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed bounce bounce due to mounting public criticism last election, the comelec secretly held a special qualificatory exam for shobiz candidate to see if they were intlligent to run for public office. each candidate got a piece of paper from an empy ballot box which contained different kind of questions. the following is the actual declassified transcript:
Commissioner: what is the difference between lightning and electricity?
bong : lightning is free but electricity is not

C: how many sides does a circle have?
rey: inside and outside

C: what is a planet?
lou: a planet is a body of earth surrounded by sky

C: uranus?
George: do we have to desribe that?

C: how can u tell when u're brething and not breathing?
edu: when u breath, u inspire, when u dont breah, u expire

C: what does the word germinate mean?
nora: that's when you become a german citizen

C: what is he difference between H2O and CO2
dingdong: easy lang, H2O means hot water and CO2 means cold water

C: what does momentum mean?
vilma: that's when u give a person when they're going away.

C: where can u find finland
anjo: inside an original nokia cellphone

C: what is the capital of the United States?
herbert: there are two, capital letter U & S

C: what is iraq?
mikey: a kind of stone sir

C: where u can find guatamela?
Lito: in the botany book, it's another kind of gumamela

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy hello pala sa lahat ng ct1 pm.... mga classmates... enjoy the bounce bounce bounce sem... bounce bounce bounce bounce
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nabasa ko lng po to sa comelec....
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